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There are 3 main types of Moisture:



Condensation is arguably the most common form of moisture that affects homes. Tell tale signs of condensation include streaming windows and walls, deterioration in decoration such as discolouring of window panes and eventually the growth of black mould.

Click here to read more about the causes of condensation and mould, including condensation on windows, and how to solve the problem.


Rising Moisture

This is when water enters a structure through a permeable masonry wall in an upward movement by capillary action. This process occurs when water molecules are electro chemically attracted to mineral surfaces.

Decayed skirting boards, crumbling plaster, peeling paint and wallpaper are common problems associated with rising damp.

However, it can often be misdiagnosed and a thorough investigation into the type of dampness must first be established.


Penetrating Moisture

This is when water soaks through into the perimeter wall, floors and ceilings. Common causes include external construction defects such as defective guttering, cracked rendering and faulty joints between windows and walls.

Damp patches on the floors, ceilings or walls will appear and the long term effects include damage to decoration and decay to timber and plaster. Mould growth may also form.


To cure moisture problems for good we recommend these solutions...

Loft Mounted Unit
Loft Mounted Unit

Great for solving condensation problems in properties with a loft.

Wall Mounted Unit
Wall Mounted Unit

Ideal for solving condensation problems in flats, apartments and properties without a loft.

MIV® Air Source
MIV® Air Source

Ideal for solving accute condensation problems in multiple rooms. Has the facility to draw cooler air from outside in the summer.

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