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We recently had an Envirovent ventilation system installed in our 1962  bricks and tiles house.  Our house was cold, damp, and not very comfortable in winter. My oldest child was sneezing all the times.  The consultant advised us for a PIV with a single central outlet. The difference it has made in our life is amazing. No more crying windows, my daughter hardly sneeze anymore and the house smells fresh.  We sleep better, our house is way more comfortable. The other thing I noticed is that we don’t need to set the heater as high as we used to. Heating seems to be more efficient. The beauty of this system is that it is totally automatic, quiet and we have not seen any increase on our power bill. I definitely recommend it.

Thank you Envirovent.

Ms Lequitte – Auckland


I finished building my new house in December last year and had an energiVent Q System installed. My house is the driest, cleanest, and healthiest I have ever lived in. There has been very little condensation if any on the windows even when it is freezing outside and warm inside. There are no cooking smells and the bathroom and toilet areas are also dry, clean from any odours and hardly any dust in the air. The house is also very warm even if there is no heater on. The energiVent Q is fantastic.

Peter Bielski – Builder – Hamilton



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